Quirk, Quirkier and the Quirkiest

Friday, October 30, 2009

Have you ever noticed that it’s often the smallest, most mundane things in life that brighten up our world? Exotic holidays, supercars and a jet-setting lifestyle are all very well (don’t I wish), but the most unexpected and quirky things such as funny names, odd signs, funny menus and those little yet distinct human idiosyncrasies can make a difference to day-to-day living.

Living here in Dubai, amongst a melange of nationalities, the number of quirky things one can find can definitely tickle one’s chuckle button. ‘I spotted a sign-written van recently, obviously delivering its wares from factory to shop’ explained 32 year old Mr. Alan Andrade. ‘The company’s name was Shiny Shiny Utensils which really appealed to my sense of humour. Unfortunately, their warehouse went up in smoke shortly after that, so I imagine their utensils were more sooty than shiny.’ said Mr. Andrade laughing at the mere thought.

Quirkiness surrounds us, we are immersed in it. Most of the time, we fail to see it even when it slaps us in the face. But it exists, seamlessly like behind a curtain yet defining character in our lives. ‘I collect shoes!’ exclaimed Ms. Annie Picardo, 26 years old. ‘I simply love footwear, I own over 75 pairs of shoes and my mom hates me for it. But as much as I try, it can’t be helped the style, design even the smell just mesmerizes me to want more and more.’ She added, lost in notion as she speculated when her next shoe-shopping was.

All of us have quirky habits of some type, be it drumming our fingers, twirling our hair, biting our nails, humming a tune, SMS-ing at every given opportunity or even chewing gum. ‘I sectionalize my food during my meals, making sure nothing mixes while I eat.’ said Kaahini Vyas, a University student. ‘I concentrate on one type of food then tend to the other, that’s why I don’t do well at buffets’ added Ms. Vyas. While 6 year old Aditya Menon eats his share of servings in geometrical shapes. For he eats triangular chappatis, circular cut vegetables and fruits. ‘It’s more fun and easy for me to eat’ said little Aditya who nibbled away his dinner.

Unintentionally funny menus always provide an opportunity for a snigger or two. Businessman, Mr. Mullah shared his quirkiest experience ‘I once had a fit of giggles at “Stuffed Mixed Items”, much to the waiters mystification and still to this day I remember “Meat Pice”, “Dounts” and “Crepes Your Choice Of” from a Cafe proudly claiming, “It’s not only coffee shop”.’

You just can’t help but smile...


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