'I remained spell-bound. I had definitely fallen in love.'

Monday, October 18, 2010

I always get my camera out when I see a clear or an unusual sky. I can spend hours staring at that brilliant blue space.

String of clouds

After the Rains

The Yellow Surfer

The Rising Sun

Sweet Surrender

Black balloon and Yellow Skies
"I emerged at last, stumbled a few steps in the mud and then I saw it: an ethereal mountain emerging from a tossing sea of clouds framed between two dark barracksöa massive, blue-black tooth of sheer rock inlaid with azure glaciers, austere yet floating fairy-like on the near horizon....I stood gazing until the vision disappeared among the shifting cloud banks. For hours afterwards I remained spell-bound. I had definitely fallen in love."
-Benuzzi, Felice No Picnic on Mount Kenya

Love is in the Air

Pink Skies

My first Rainbow

Black Skies

 Yellow Heart

(doesn't it looks like an animal/creature sort (unicorn) gobbling up the sun)


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