Is Beiber everywhere?

Monday, August 23, 2010

I dont think theres a single day where I haven't seen Beiber in the tabloids or heard him on the radio or seen him on TV.

At age 16, he got it all going on and boy... does he know it, If its not about his oh-so-gorgeous-its just-his-hair, Justin finds some odd request to fulfil everyday.

Most recently all I've been reading are requests from him in exchange of private concerts Beiber wants football lessons from David Beckham or wishes to date Emma Watson or wouldn't mind (only) if he was older courting Katy Perry and Cheryl Cole, but for now he says he would settle for advice from them so he can find girls like them...(like seriously).

Today he decided to have a biopic about his life and career (and yes, he was only born in 1994).Paramount Pictures, MTV Films and Bieber's record label, Island Def Jam, say the 16-year-old pop star has signed on to appear in the yet-to-be-titled movie and is set for release on St Valentine's weekend of 2011. Did I mention, its going to be in 3-D!

Its like he has an ever growing charm over anyone who cares to give a listen to his 'music', undoubtedly mesmerizing children aged 1-14...they are going absolutely head over heels over him. All I can say is WOW.

P.S:- I am not a fan, just awestruck. O_O

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justin bieber jokes said...

he is over rated, there are lot more talented singer who deserve such fame more then him

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