Stop and Smell the flowers...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

With our lives so busy
We fail to notice
Things around us
Things, we take for granted
Cause we know
It will be
Tomorrow and the day next.

Flowers for instance,
Grow quietly,
Spreading its warmth and joy to everyone and anyone.

But do we once
Stop and smell the flowers.

No instead
We pluck them,
We tramp them,
We throw them,
And we walk passed them

Never do we praise its beauty,
And lovingly.

That's because we are too absorbed
In our very own machine-like lives, that
We refuse to notice anything but ourselves!

So I beg
I plead
I kneel to you now
Stop and smell the flowers
Before it's too late!

Photograph by Megna Kalvani


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