Expatriates Rejoice on National Day

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Streets and landmarks all over the Emirates have been bedecked with colourful bulbs and UAE National flags as part of the arrangement made for celebrating the 38th National Day on 2nd December 2009. Cars decorated with national flags and images of the Rulers were a common sight on the Emirati streets.

The UAE National Flag held high

National Day instils patriotic sentiments among Emiratis as well to a majority of expatriates who feel no differently as they have lived here and have come to call this country their second home.

United Arab Emirates, known to be a melting pot of diversity and culture as it serves to more than 200 nationalities of diverse cultural backgrounds, residing harmoniously together.

Haque Esaham, residing in the UAE for the last 33 years has witnessed the Emirate evolve into the Emirate it is today.

“I have been living in the UAE for the last 33 years and I have never failed to see the patriotic feeling- a patriotic gene that National day brings to everyone. This auspicious day gives us a prestigious and nationalistic feeling. Every country celebrates its national day, but I think UAE takes it a step further, as it has a big image to live up to,” said Mr. Haque Esaham, a Insurance Manager from Bangladesh.

“By celebrating National we have come to realize how UAE has grown as a country and how we have grown with it,” added the 56 year old.

Apart from the peoples party on the Corniche with chanting, singing, dancing and of course engine revving and car horning, all the Emirates prepared for quite a few treats for the celebration of the UAE National Day. From extravagant shows to simpleton parks or picnics at the beach, local and expatriate families celebrated this special day unlike any other.

Usama Sayed spends time with his family and relatives on this joyous occasion

Usama Sayed, an Egyptian, who works as a Human Resource Manager, said “National day means a lot to me, it gives us a chance to unite, to spend quality time together with family, friends, relatives, acquaintances,”

“UAE has become a part of me, it holds great memories for me, my children were born in Dubai, the pleasant outings with my family such as these are things you remember for life and I am thankful for it,” reminisced Mr.Sayed, who has been residing in the UAE since 1997.

Mr. Ramzi and his two children, who love UAE as their very own

While Mr. Ramzi, 37 year old Jordanian shares a similar feeling, “I love UAE same as my country. I have been living in the Emirates for ten years now and it has offered me so much, that I am forever grateful. My two children were born and brought up here, even they treat UAE as their own,”

“UAE has given us, so many rights, treating us as equals, which I would not find in my own country, Palestine,” said Ms. Rima Khorshid, 19 year old Palestinian.

“Besides it being holidays, National day allows us to celebrate the day together, the locals want us to be part of the culture allowing us to be a part and participate on this special day,” she added.

Shakoufeh Khakipour is filled with enthusiasm on National Day

For Ms. Shakoufeh Khakipour, 21 year old Irani, “National Day is a day of joy and independence for UAE, it is not every day you get to see everyone come together to show their love for the country.”

It also gives us, Iranians a chance to show our love and respect for the country. It is also an opportunity for my family and friends to rejoice this special day with the Emiratis” said Ms. Khakipour.

Rawan Osama and her sister are filled with happiness as they celebrate National Day

While 8 year old, Ms. Rawan Osama from Sudan said “It is great to see the country so happy, that I feel so happy too. I was born here, so UAE is like my home as I have lived here my whole life,”
“There are lot of colours, shows and picnics for us and holidays for us to spend time together.” added little Rawan, frantically waving the National flag with her family.

2009 marks the 38th National Day for United Arab Emirates

National Day is traditionally celebrated every year, with more and more enthuse from the Emiratis as well as the expatriates. Expats have grown to love United Arab Emirates, as their own. For some expats, UAE is the only home they know while for others for Emirates could be a pedestal to their careers to even a holiday destination. All it matters is that expatriates slowly find themselves attached to the country, whether carrying good memories or bad.

Photo Credit: Megna Kalvani


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